Course Materials



Microreactor Engineering 2014 

by Prof. Dr. Goran Jovanovic

(as a part of "Catalytic Reaction Engineering" course)

  • Syllabus
  • Lecture A Intro-Advantages
  • Lecture B Modeling_revised
  • Lecture C Paradigm_revised
  • Lecture D Homogenous_revised
  • Lecture E Hom Alt BC_revised
  • Lecture F Heterogenous_revised
  • Lecture G Heter Alt BC-Origins of Times_revised
  • Guidelines for Homework Preparation
  • Lecture H Heter-Dechlorination_revised
  • Lecture I Two Phase Flow Reactors 1
  • Lecture J Two Phase Flow Reactors 2
  • Lecture K Two Phase Flow Reactors- Biodiesel
  • Lecture L Photochemical Reactions-Desulphurization
  • Lecture LL Photochemical Reactions-Desulphurization
  • Microreactor with a solid Catalyst
  • Two Phase Solid Catalyzed Reaction Single Microchannel
  • Some Useful References
  • Lecture O Photocatalytic CO2 Microreactor revised
  • Lecture Px Corona Reactor