TGGS-CPE program links the expertise of its two parent universities: KMUTNB and RWTH Aachen University. We are very keen and open to offer technical support for companies to solve their real-world problems as well as to assist the needs for technology development based on sound scientific and engineering grounds. The topics may span the entire area of chemical engineering in all possible areas of application.

We can develop experimental setups and run the experiments in cooperation with our partners according to individual requirements. We have a wide experience in development and application of model calculations and simulation tools, which can be commercially available programs or specifically designed in-house tools. We also offer evaluation of technologies with respect to the current technological standard as well as brand-new scientific findings. For shorter projects of limited scope, it is possible to jointly supervise corresponding student and Master thesis projects, which is often a very cost-effective solution.

We are currently working on projects in collaboration with various companies. If you are interested in such a cooperation, please feel free to contact us. The start of collaboration can be realized in various ways:

  • If a direct solution to a smaller problem is required which can be solved based on our expertise, working out the solution can either be incorporated in a student project or realized by a staff member of TGGS-CPE.
  • It sometimes turns out that the industrial needs require substantial effort on both sides to find an appropriate solution. Often developments including newest scientific findings are required. In that case we have good experience with identifying the problems and to work out a first work plan based on few on-site discussions, possibly some preliminary experiments and/or modeling approaches. Based on the work plan it is then decided, if a larger project is generated and how the funding of such a project can be realized. Flexible funding schemes are possible ranging from direct company funding to acquiring third-party funding e.g. for SME-level companies, which may be supplied by governmental agencies.

We realize that secrecy is an issue of highest importance. Thus, we take a serious effort and measures to ensure that secrecy agreements are strictly met.