Knowledge and ethics. The graduates are expected to possess

  • Deep Knowledge. They must have deep knowledge on the research topic that they study. The must be able to explicitly explain the problems, theories and phenomena related to their own research topic
  • Inquiring Mind. They should be able to find answers and knowledge needed from various sources to increase their existing knowledge about research works in chemical and process engineering. Moreover, they should be able to search, review and understand international literature on their own.
  • Good Morale and Ethics. The graduates are expected to understand professionalism, ethics, morality, and responsibility according to professional standards.


   Research Skills. There are a total of six research skills to be acquired. The first four are common skills that any doctoral graduate should possess while the last two are distinguished skills that characterize and reflect the nature of TGGS’ industrial-oriented programs.

  • Address fundamental questions. They should be able to apply the knowledge, theories, and various related tools to identify the root cause of problem and address the right research problem.
  • Plan and conduct research. They should be able to specify necessary resources, select appropriate methodology, and devise realistic work plan to accomplish the research goal. Also, they should be able to conduct the research as planned and suitably solve any problems that may arise during the course of research.
  • Analyze and interpret the findings. They should be able to appropriately analyze the experimental results or research findings and professionally interpret the result in a clear and concise manner.
  • Effective communications. They should be able to communicate effectively in verbal and writing, enough to publish and present their work to the public community in the field. Also, they should be able to prepare a research proposal for funding grant.
  • Multi-disciplinary knowledge integration. They should be able to integrate and apply knowledge/methods from different disciplines to solve a complex problem that requires knowledge from many disciplines.
  • Commercial awareness. They should have some awareness of the impact or limitation of their work to the commercials. For example, how to meet the market needs under the limitations and realities of economic, environmental, social, political, ethical, health and safety conditions.