A short term investment…for a long term achievement!

1. Improve English Skills

  • Our international English program is taught by lecturers graduated from abroad
  • The English requirement for graduation (TOEFL 525, IELST 6.0, or equivalent) ensures that your English is sufficient for future careers.

2. Industry-oriented Program

  • All courses are co-developed by Professors from RWTH Aachen to meet the industrial needs
  • Chance to experience industrial projects in Student project and Master thesis

3. Well-equipped Facilities

  • Well-equipped facilities & laboratories to support the study and research

4. Block Lectures by Professors from RWTH Aachen University

  • Learn the advanced knowledge from high reputable German professors
  • One block lecture every semester

5.  Industrial Project-based Internships

  • Gain practical experience through internship at qualified companies in Thailand
  • Meet the real practice of chemical engineering work for 4 months

6. Opportunity to Go to Germany

  • Opportunities for student project, internship or Master thesis in Germany for excellent students

7. Better Future Career

  • Good English skills
  • Solid fundamental engineering knowledge
  • Real experience from intensive internship at well-recognized companies
  • Abroad experience in case of going to Germany