The curriculum of this international master program was designed along the same principles as the RWTH German version, at the same time adapted to support the industrial development locally and globally. It is meant to create Master level engineers not only with abilities in knowledge application, but also skills in research and development. This distinctive academic program is fully supported by one of the leading chemical engineering schools in Europe, the RWTH Department of Chemical Engineering (Verfahrenstechnik), in which six research institutes are included (with close research links to companies in the areas of petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing and environmental technologies). The industry partners participate in the cooperative education by providing qualified internship places, attractive master student projects and thesis, and cooperation in research and development.


The program requires 46 credits in total

  • Course Works                                30           credits
  • Industrial Internship                         4           credits
  • Master Thesis                                12          credits

In the first year of the program, students must complete all course works, which will be taught by Thai professors who earned their Ph.D. from abroad together with professors from RWTH Aachen University. The lectures from the RWTH Aachen University’s professors are given as block lectures.

In the second year, students will be prepared themselves by Master Student Project (2 months) prior to taking project-oriented Industrial Internship (4 months) at qualified companies. At the end, the students will conduct industry-oriented Master Thesis (6 months). The two-year study plan is as follows:


Semester 1                                                             credits

  • Molecular Thermodynamics and Interfacial Properties        3
  • Heterogeneous Kinetic Reactions                                   3
  • Chemical Product Design                                              3
  • Elective Course 1                                                       3
  • Elective Course 2                                                       3

Semester 2

  • Interfacial Transport Phenomena                                   3
  • Chemical Process Design                                              3
  • Seminar on Modern Aspects of Chemical Engineering         3
  • Elective Course 3                                                       3
  • Elective Course 4                                                       3

Semester 3

  • Master Student Project*                                              -
  • Industrial Internship**                                                 4

Semester 4

  •  Master Thesis***                                                      12


List of Elective Courses

  • Advanced Separation Technology                                   3
  • Multiphase Flow                                                          3
  • Advanced Process Heat Integration                                3
  • Biochemical Engineering                                                3
  • Membrane Technology                                                  3
  • Energy Technology for Chemical Engineers                       3
  • Catalytic Reaction Engineering                                       3
  • Industrial Enzymology                                                   3
  • Selected Topics in Chemical and Process Engineering          3


*     No credit, only pass or fail.

**   Project-based internship at qualified companies in Thailand or Germany.

*** Excellent students may conduct their thesis at RWTH Aachen or other collaborating Universities. We usually give 1-2 offers each year.