CPE Facilities

Student Facilities

List of Equipments and Analyzers

List of Computer and Simulation Software

CPE Facilities

  • 2 Workshops: one for general works, and another for thermal process works.

Students will perform their experimental work in the corresponding workshop.



  • 1 Laboratory for chemical and biochemical tests

The lab is clean and equipped with all necessary safety equipments e.g. safety shower and plumbed eyewash unit, first-aid kit, chemical fume hoods, and chemical storage. Personal protective equipments e.g. gloves, safety glasses/goggles, lab coats, thermal protection are available for the activities being conducted.



  • 1 Analytical Lab

The analytical instruments in this lab are supplied by RWTH Aachen University. Many fundamental analyzers frequently used in chemical engineering works like GC, MS, UV spectrometer are provided for supporting research works of our staffs and students.



  • 1 Process Automation Lab

This room is installed with a Process Automation Learning System (MPS® PA stations), donated by FESTO Thailand. The learning system consists of Filtering station, Mixing station, and Bottling station which are frequently found in many process industries.



  • 1 Meeting Room

This room is used for internal meetings, presenting regular progress of research works of student, and also for class-teaching.



Student Facilities

  • 2 Study Rooms

The first year students are exclusively provided with a private study room. They can spend time for discussion, exchange ideas, revising course materials, and preparing class assignments in this room. The second year students (and higher) will be moved to another student room where they can focus on their project and thesis works more conveniently.



  • 1 Computer Room

The computer room is used for course work, class exercise, and assignments. All students can use it for private study, doing computer works, and etc. The computers are installed with many engineering suite programs e.g. Aspen Plus, COMSOL, and etc.


  • Personal Lockers

Students will have access to their individual locker where they can store personal belongings, books, and stationary during their study at CPE program.


  • In-house Library

We have a small collection of some useful textbooks relating to course works available for students to get consulted during their study at the CPE.



List of Equipments and Analyzers

1. Gas Chromatography (GC)

Model: Shimadzu EN14103 and EN14105




2. Mass Spectroscopy (MS)

Model: Pfeiffer GSD301



3. UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

Model: PG Instrument T80+

Capability: Double beam UV/VIS, Spectral Bandwidth: 0.5, 1, 2, 5 nm, Wavelength Range: 190 - 1100 nm


4. Density Meter

Model: Anton Paar DMA 4500 M

Capability: Density: 0 - 3 g/cm3, Temperature: 0 - 90°C


5. Viscometer

Model: Schott AVS370

Capability: Automatic control via PC, Measurment range: 0.35 - 5,000 cSt, Bath temperature range: 10 - 102°C


6. Karl Fischer Titrator

Model: Mitsubishi CA-200 and CH-2 Volumetric

Capability: Dual measurement, Coulometric: 10 µg - 100 mg, Volumetric: 0.1 mg - 999 mg


7. Rotary Evaporator

Model: IKA RV 10V Digital

Capability: Temperature: RT - 180 °C


8. Vacuum Oven

Model: BINDER VD 53

Capability: 50 Liters, Temperature: 15 - 200°C, Timer: 99 hr 59 min


9. Ultrasonic Bath

Model: Bandelin DT255 H

Capability: 5.5 liters, Frequency : 35 kHz, Temperature: 20 - 80°C, Timer: 1-30 min and continuous


10. Circulating Bath (x2)

Model: Thermo Scientific SC150-A25B and Lauda Alpha RA 24

Capability: 20 liters, Temperature: -25°C to 150°C



11. Centrifuge




12. Autoclave

Model: jSR JSAC-40



13. Incubator

Model: jSR JSCI-30T



14. Shaking Incubator

Model: jSR JSSI-100C




List of Computer and Simulation Software

We have a number of computer simulation and programming software ready to support our teaching courses and research works. Students will have a chance learn and practice their programming skill in several class exercises and projects during the period of study.


1. aspenONE Engineering suite

2. COMSOL Multiphysics

3. Mathematica

4. MathCAD

5. Visual Studio Professional

6. Intel Fortran Complier

7. Microsoft Visio Premium