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Block Lecture for TGGS-CPE Schedule 1st Semester 2016

By Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthäus Siebenhofer
Institute of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Technology
Graz University of Technology, Austria

Date: October 26-November 5, 2016
TGGS Course: 090415201 Advanced Separation Technology
Location: TGGS Conference Room on 3rd Floor, TGGS Building

For reservation, click HERE for registration form, or contact
Asst. Prof. Dr. Tawiwan Kangsadan at 02-555-2000 Ext.2931, 2917 or 081-819-8074
or Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Block Lecture Description
“Off-gas Purification is an integrated lecture. The students learn how to
‐ Specify off-gas purification problems
‐ Identify technologies and technology combinations
‐ how to design equipment for off-gas purification and
‐ how to estimate the purification efficiency.

After having participated the Off-gas Purification class the students will be able to:
‐ Identify and to specify off-gas problems
‐ Select appropriate technologies and technology combinations
‐ Design equipment
‐ Estimate the performance

A textbook will be prepared and provided (pdf-version)
The students will also get the power point presentations.
The students need an appropriate hand calculator

Since this is an integrated class experience recommends the following procedure:
‐ Discussion of basics
‐ Practical class
‐ Exam of the topic the day after
Additional services: Final exam (in case of necessity)


A) Specifications
Particulate and gaseous pollutants, their origin and their physical and chemical properties
Emission-Transmission-Immission; Pollutant dispersion (Gauss Plume Model)

B) Basics
Basics of the gaseous state, humidification, dew points

C) Boundaries
Legislative framework

D) Off-gas purification engineering
Technologies, techniques, design and performance
1) Particulate Pollutants
    ‐ Properties, characterization and classification
    ‐ Driving force and precipitation efficiency
    ‐ Coarse particulate matter;
      o design of a cyclone/multiclone
    ‐ Fine particulate matter
      o Design of electrostatic precipitators
      o Design of filter bag houses
      o Design of venturi scrubbers
2) Gaseous Pollutants
    ‐ SOx, NOx, VOCs
      o Design of scrubbers (absorption equipment)
      o Design of adsorption equipment
      o Design of reactors
      o Design of combustion facilities


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